A science fiction novel about a young boy that discovers a relic of lost technology that alters the face of the world and the destiny of humanity.

Pathways - Resurgence (Hardcover)


    Noren, an adolescent orphan boy from a small trading village, helps an aging shopkeeper repair the tools of travelers passing through. The town has fallen upon hard times, and resources are scarce. The taxes and tribute imposed by the distant Commonwealth make life difficult. 


    One morning, as he is running an errand, he stumbles across a mysterious relic of long-forgotten technology that has lain dormant for millennia, hidden in plain sight. He begins to have strange dreams, and frightening abilities awaken within him. After witnessing the power of the relic, he embarks on a quest that will take him to faraway places in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth and unlock his full potential. 


    The journey is treacherous, and shadowy figures stalk him at every turn. Over the course of his travels, he uncovers an insidious plot laid out against him long before he was born. He is not without allies, as his survivalist friend, the outdoorswoman Ayana, accompanies him. Together, they unearth secrets that will not only change their lives forever, but alter the face of the world and the destiny of humanity.